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They're all over 18! R Why would Harry be the only one recording in LA? There was also a new blind item this week, from Blind Gossip. He was seen wearing Harry's jacket btw.

I said that it wasn't that far fetched of the fangirls to believe they were on a date, right? It turned out they never were together in the first place!

I swear we would've gotten Bin laden within minutes of the WTC going down if hormone-crazed girls were told the object s of their affection had been threatened by Al Qaeda. Vintage nudism pictures. Louis isn't the only one. Louis tomlinson naked. Harry was actually caught whispering something to Louis, that turned him the fuck on, and then he said "my cock up your ass.

They did confirm Harry recording some tracks in LA though. Guess what, snookums, I'm sure there are those who wouldn't pick the "Paki" like R28 and no one would give a shit. It's really difficult to hear what Harry said, though you can kinda read it on his lips.

Let me look it up, and I can post it word for word.

Louis tomlinson naked

He's not a bully anymore, now he's just a sassy queen. Is the Pakistani one going to be the Beyonce of the group, leaving the others in the dust to pursue a solo career?? These guys have been touring for months, to please their fans. You could see Louis wanted his cock. These boys need our support, not our doubt.

This sort of thing would perpetuate itself, all it needs is a catalyst - and I'm interested in these boys as they could be the Ones. Cartoon picture porn. Thanks for the video, R So no, it wouldn't be them. Being on Disney, he's probably not officially out, but I suspect he soon will be.

So they obviously generated some interested, whether or not you like them or have any interest in them. He's got a really good formula with this group. It's not the first time he uses gender neutral pronouns, R The band you mention could be McFly.

I don't know, R The only people in denial are those who ship him with Eleanor, but most of the fan base knows he's gay, and don't seem to have any problems with it. I truly believe he's changed though. I just KNEW that would happen.

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Exactly, most of the time DL when someone is purported to be gay there is all sorts of conjecture just to prove that there is a chance that said celeb is gay. Hairy granny thumbs. There are articles saying he observes fasting during Ramadan etc. So yes, it is like the Zapruder film. Wow there R95, I am hoping you are a fangurl crashing here and that an actual adult male did not write that.

I still think the BI was about Louis. I will not specify the company seeing as there are only six of us and that would probably give me away. I know, I know. I only know what I read online, so you can probably find it yourself. Don't get me wrong, I totally agree, it would be great. Louis tomlinson naked. I don't even know where to start, this topic is too long for just one post.

There's the odd European who is. Tumblr hot horny girls. So that totally backfired for the management. I never thought I'd check these boys out. You are supposed to know these things if you are in a serious, committed relationship, but it's clear Louis is not.

Since their European, finding out their uncut, wouldn't be interesting or newsworthy. The fact is that Eleanor is his beard. I'm sure they are. Louis is just like "oh. I honestly don't know what Harry's sexuality is.

I don't think he's gay. You're too obsessed and there's nothing normal about how obsessed you are with these two guys. Busty nude pic. No skin showing here! I'm not saying they are together. It's so fucking obvious from all the looks he gives him, like he wants to fuck him, and he obviously gets jealous whenever any of the guys touch him.

It's so fucking fake.

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Read tilll the end if you would. It's true that he drinks and muslims aren't supposed to be drinkingand I'm sure he's had sex and muslims aren't supposed to have sex before marriage. I don't know if Louis is together with Harry, I think they are, but don't know for sure.

Cue the predictable "Don't read it if you're not interested. I have no idea what that thumbs up mean, but it certainly means something. Except that Harry just turned The meeting room is beside the lounge room in such a way that the doors are beside each other as the meeting room is at the end of the corridor. There nothing wrong with channeling your inner '90s rocker — especially when you're making a fashion statement at the MTV Video Music Awards.

This one's cool, watch the touch on the arm, really subtle, and how the other guy moves his arm back towards it. So they obviously generated some interested, whether or not you like them or have any interest in them.

It was surprising and refreshing to see a 15 year-old kid so out. Even as gay-bait they aren't even that attractive. He was seen with puffy eyes at the airport. I love polls that give you what you want.

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