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Loving the taste of Cody, Randy worked his way down Cody's neck, licking and biting as he went. Pumping Cody's now fully rigid cock hard and hitting his prostate with every frantic thrust, Cody wasn't going to last long and neither was Randy.

He gently began to press the tip of his cock into Cody, finding the resistance too strong despite all the preparation, he pulled back a little, teasing Cody's hole gently as he rocked back and forth. Spandex loads 6. Cody knew that Randy wanted him, but never in his wildest dreams had he ever thought that Randy would follow him naked into the shower, that was until he felt Randy's toned body up against his and was roughly spun around to come face to face with a completely naked and very hard Randy Orton.

Pressed up against the shower room wall with a naked Randy Orton on top of him. Cody looked down at Randy, a very contented half smile on his face.

Until the next blog…". Wwe cody rhodes naked. Never breaking eye contact, Randy took the tip of Cody's dick in his mouth and sucked gently, letting his tongue dart out and slide slowly up the slit. With a sigh he pulled the boot off and went to work on the other one, cold sweat dripping down his nose and on to the floor.

The burn was tremendous and Cody whimpered in pain, biting down on his bottom lip. He felt Cody relax slightly as he began to fuck him with his tongue. Republican wins racially charged Senate race in Mississippi 30m. Lesbians licking wet pussy. I followed all of the rules growing up. Randy shoved his tongue into Cody's tight heat. Randy slowly trailed his hands down Cody's lithe body until he reached his hips, he grasped them lightly and shoved Cody backwards slowly until he hit the tiles on the shower wall.

As he started to push his ass back towards Randy hot tongue, Randy pulled out of him completely and stilled him with a hand to the hip, he couldn't suppress the disappointed moan the escaped his lips. It had started out harmless enough, the odd snide remark about how he looked here or a sly trip in the ring there, but things were different now. Randy grabbed Cody's shoulder and spun him around, immediately capturing his lips in a ferocious kiss, his tongue fucking Cody's mouth just as his fingers had done to him moments earlier.

Randy bit down on the top of Cody's shoulder before working his way down Cody's back, licking and sucking on the salty flesh all the way down until he was once again knelt down in front of Cody.

Randy sucked in a deep breath and locked his steely blue eyes with Cody's unsure and pained ones. The flexibility of my new gig is pretty nice. Randy moved like an animal stalking it's pray, his eyes firmly fixed on Cody.

He rubbed his fingertips over Cody's prostate with every thrust back into his body. WWE Make up divas are some of the best in the biz! He licked slowly at Cody's tight hole, amazed to see how it quivered as Cody tensed up under such close scrutiny.

If we can get it done, I just keep thinking of that word: Cody lifted his head from Randy's neck to meet his gaze, the pure lust in Randy's eyes apparent to the younger man. Randy smeared the spit between his fingers then collected some of Cody's cum from his chest and added that to the mixture before placing his index finger over Cody's hole, rubbing the homemade lube in small circles around it.

I have come full circle. Thank you for the continued support, without all of your unwavering encouragement, I wouldn't have the utmost confidence going into these next phases of my life.

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In a split second Randy was on him again, pinning him hard against the shower room wall. Cody lifted his shaky hand towards his mouth, he was bleeding from his lip and he could feel the hot liquid dribbling down his chin. Son mom tumblr. Cody brought his knee up and connected with Randy's balls, hard. Randy moved his mouth to the base of Cody's cock and began to suck lightly at the flesh in between Cody's dick and balls.

Right now I'm just going to be enjoying my life with my family as we head into the next stage. Wwe cody rhodes naked. His body twitching as aftershocks of pleasure coursed through him.

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I can't leave garbage laying around because I know he sees that laziness haha! Randy brought his hand up to his mouth, his eyes never leaving Cody's terrified ones. Cody was so tense, he could feel himself blush at Randy's actions, but Randy's tongue felt so amazing on his ass hole. He was teamed up with his friend since childhood Ted and together they were making a real impact in the tag team division.

The decision to take that leap also brought change and affirmation within Rhodes. Take a look at Christopher Daniels. Randy could tell Cody was close, his head was thrown back against the tiled wall as he pumped his hips forwards, forcing his cock through Randy's tight hand, thoroughly fucking it, sweat dripping down his slightly hairy chest.

Randy was suddenly seized by a terrific need to taste the whole of Cody, he closed his eyes and plunged the whole of Cody's length into his mouth, working it like a pro. Asian glory hole pics. Cody swallowed nervously, the butterfly beginning to fly around in his tummy. Grabbing Cody by the throat and quickly backing him up against the lockers, Cody's back hit the steel with a resounding thunk. He delved his tongue into Cody's open mouth, dragging Cody's arms above his head where he could keep them pinned with one hand.

Recommended Slideshows 35 Pictures. Stay true to yourselves and alwaysdo the right thing. WWE Make up divas are some of the best in the biz! The problem was not with the lifestyle, Cody was enjoying the travelling, living on the road, a new city every day, getting to see the world with his friends.

Pressed up against the shower room wall with a naked Randy Orton on top of him. And a few fluffy moments. He ran his fingers down the side of Cody's sweaty face, letting his thumb trace a line across his bottom lip. That just gets my goat. Mature teacher milf. Pushing Cody up against the wall so he could free a hand, Randy nibbled at Cody's earlobe as his hand traced soothing patterns on his lower back, trying to relax him.

Randy pulled Cody's twitching cock out of his mouth and pumped it rapidly, leaning back on his heels so he could see the whole of Cody's writhing body. Chinese geneticist 'feels proud' of baby-gene editing 30m. Randy increased his pace and changed his angle, hitting something inside of Cody that made fireworks go off behind his eyes.

As soon as Cody's eyes locked with Randy's, Randy moved forwards. Cody grunted in pain and tried to pull away, but Randy held him firmly in place, leaning back and spitting onto Cody's hole once more. He wriggled out of the stunned Randy's grasp, slid his trunks off and headed for the shower, leaving Randy standing in the locker room, panting and hard.

Randy stared into Cody's eyes and saw the lust in his own mirrored there; he set a slow, but deep pace. Nattie keep being a beacon of light, Maryse stay sassy, Jojo tear up those anthems, Sasha stay bossy, Tamina's my bh forever ha! I'm going "hard in the paint" as they say, and busting my tail.

Drawing his fingers out of Cody's stretched hole and swatting Cody's had away from his own cock, he stood up gingerly. If we can get it done, I just keep thinking of that word: I hope you all stay hungry, excited about your lives and empowered!

Randy was going out of his way to make Cody's life miserable and now that Ted was away filming a movie, Randy had really stepped up his abuse. Just In All Stories: Randy's softening cock slid out of Cody's ass with a slurping sound along with some cum, dribbling down Cody's inner thigh.

Can I have you? I've got a hell of a body of work, as Dusty would say, and I cannot waste it. I essentially could start whenever I wanted…and I'll begin in July.

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Thanks to John Laurinaitis for discovering me back in Cody winced as a sharp pain radiated out from his ass and up his back. Those words were all Cody needed to send him over the edge. Nude pics of melissa joan hart. Wwe cody rhodes naked. Randy lowered Cody back down to the ground, Cody's unsteady legs gave way on him immediately and he slipped slowly down the shower room wall, landing on the floor with a soft thud. He closed his eyes as he felt Randy's hands on his hips and his lips on his thigh.

Cody swallowed nervously, the butterfly beginning to fly around in his tummy. Randy spun him round, Cody gasped as the side of his cheek was pushed up against the cold shower wall, Randy's sweaty body pressed flush against his back. Tumblr sport sex Randy collected saliva in his mouth and spat down Cody's cleft, lubricating him even more. Randy looked over Cody, his desperately wonton display sending Randy wild, "I need you now Cody! And he wants fans and detractors to be along for the ride.

He traced his tongue along the thick vain on the underside of Cody's cock as he pulled off and then back down. Randy stepped back and stared at Cody, that cocky smirk plastered all over his face as he saw the reaction his naked form was having on Cody.

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